Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of questions that users commonly have about using the Mintology web application.
If you have questions not addressed in the FAQ, please join our Discord and talk to our team there.
Thanks for your support!

1. Do I need a crypto wallet to use the Mintology application? 

You do not need a crypto wallet (e.g., MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet) to browse the content on

However, you need to connect your wallet to the Mintology dApp (decentralized application) to claim brand rewards or perks.

2. Why am I required to sign in with my web 2.0 credential? Do you store my web2 credentials or share them with any third party?

No, we do not capture or store any of the web 2.0 credentials that you use for login. Therefore, we do not share web 2.0 credentials with third parties. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

3. How do I qualify for claiming brand rewards or perks?
Brand rewards and perks, including exclusive coupon codes, on Mintology are token-gated.

If you own NFTs from any of the whitelisted NFT collections or Mintology’s Activation NFT, you can claim these perks on Mintology.

This is a list of NFT collections we have partnered with and whitelisted for the beta launch.

4. How do I use the coupon codes I have claimed from brands on Mintology?

The brands we partnered with offer a limited number of coupon codes exclusively for Mintology users. The coupon codes apply to purchases made on these brands’ e-commerce websites.

We provide the URLs of these e-commerce sites on the listing page of each brand.

Also, once you successfully claim a coupon, the “Use It Now” button in the pop-up message directs you to the e-commerce sites.

5. What if I wish to wait to shop with these brands and use the coupon codes? 

In the “Terms and Conditions” section of each brand listing, the brands specify the period in which you could redeem these coupons on their e-commerce sites.

Once you log in and have claimed at least one coupon, the coupon code will be stored and shown in the “My Perks” dashboard. You can always reconnect to Mintology and view the coupon codes associated with brand campaigns.

6. Does it cost any gas to claim token-gated coupons/rewards on Mintology?

No. Claiming token-gated coupons on Mintology is gasless. We only need to verify in the back end whether you own any qualifying NFTs in your crypto wallet.

7. Do you support mobile?

Currently, we do not have a standalone mobile app for Mintology. However, the Mintology app could be accessed on any browser on mobile devices. If you have a crypto wallet installed on your mobile device (e.g., iPhone, Android phones), you could use the app as any other web application.